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Healthy Rabbit is committed to providing you cohesive and best medical services in India. Visit our website and download our app to have the best online medical services at your fingertips.

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Why People Trust
Healthy Rabbit

Often in cases of a medical emergency, a lot of time is wasted on determining the medical history of the patient, one can store their medical records and save the most crucial time. SOS Emergency feature is the breakthrough that builds faith in Healthy Rabbit.

Doctor Appointment & Video Consulation

We all are living in a digital era. Visiting doctors physically is time-consuming, isn't it? Book your video consultation online now..

SOS Alerts

Emergency never knocks before approaching and the SOS alert makes everyone around the victim alert with the buzzer facility.

Medicine, Ambulance, LabTest & Much More.

It is interesting to facilitate all your needs at a click of a button and be self-dependent in all situations.

FInd, What you need.

We have it all for you. Download India's first health application with complete medical and health care solutions and explore the multiple services for your ease.

We help people find the best & affordable Medical solutions.

Having deeply studied and analyzed the existing medical system and general practices, we realized the problems of individuals, doctors & other healthcare service providers.

We therefore, concentrated our efforts to create an integrated platform that add:

  1. 1. Allows individuals to store and access all their data such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports and medical history online.
  2. 2. Instantaneously connects an individual with various healthcare service providers such as Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Doctors & Pharma companies on a single platform.
  3. 3. Helps doctors and small clinics to manage all their tasks electronically and efficiently.
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Easy Process with Best Features

Objectively deliver professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change incubate unique benefits for extensible resources.

  • Download the Healthy Rabbit User Application from Google Play Store/ App Store

  • Register with your phone number and verify the OTP

  • Update your medical profile

  • Search for the relevant doctor

  • Book an appointment

  • Recieve and appointment confirmation notification

  • Keep a check on your appointments

  • Registering on the Healthy Rabbit User Application

  • In the profile section, update all your general details

  • You have a chance to upload scanned reports and prescriptions for records

  • Manage your entire history

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  • The highest USP of the Healthy Rabbit application is the SOS click button right at the top.

  • After generating your account, sync the account with your location settings

  • Update 3 emergency numbers of family | friends |Collegues

  • In case of emergency press the SOS button on the app | press the screen lock button 5 times

  • 3 hospitals | doctors | ambulance in your current location will receive an emergency notification.

  • Extremely reliable

  • Identifying the patient's family in case of emergency is a challenge for the doctors | hospital and the patients as at times the situation is critical. The applications help keep your identity updated and your family well connected.

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    A multi-level medical and health care network set up for ease to the user, franchise, doctor, and vendors.

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