About Us

About the company

Having deeply studied and analyzed the existing medical system and general practices, we realized the problems of individuals, doctors & other healthcare service providers.

We therefore, concentrated our efforts to create an integrated platform that add:

  • 1. Allows individuals to store and access all their data such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports and medical history online.
  • 2. Instantaneously connects an individual with various healthcare service providers such as Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Doctors & Pharma companies on a single platform.
  • 3. Helps doctors and small clinics to manage all their tasks electronically and efficiently.

Registered With MSME (UKO5D0011041) and Startup India (DIPP60636)

Our Mission and Vision.

To allow registered users to store and access all their relevant details using our advanced portal and Healthcare Management System.
To create a vast network of service providers such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Laboratories, Clinics & Doctors to empower them to offer quality service in an affordable and digital manner.

In today’s day and age, a digital address drives business more than the physical address; however not every health care service provider has time to set it up. A digital platform like ours is a logical solution to the industry and will hence ensure quick and easy acceptability amongst the new generation.

To empower individuals to avail quality healthcare services in the most affordable, digital and timely manner, thereby, ensuring our contribution towards:

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