Do you or your loved one need an urgent ambulance service or if you think someone in your family might need an air ambulance service in India?

If yes, you landed on the right article.

Sometimes we are stuck in a situation where immediate medical help is needed for survival. These situations can be anywhere from being stuck in a remote location where you don’t have access to a hospital to transferring your old grandparents to out of station hospitals for better treatment. To help you provide an instant solution we have to bring forth our air ambulance booking services.

Why would you book an air ambulance from the Healthy Rabbit app?

Good quality of care during transportation- If you book air ambulance services from our app, we’ll deliver the best services. Also, the patient receives full medical support during their flight. The unique feature of air ambulance service in India is that no matter in what condition the patient is, they will be transported to the desired location with the assistance of skilled professionals and necessary medical equipment.

Time and distance – If you book your flight through the best air ambulance service provider in India it will save your time and distance. On the Healthy Rabbit app, you can book an air ambulance with just one click, sitting at the comfort of your home from any state in India.

Air ambulance services are majorly required in the hilly area as it is very difficult to make severely ill patients travel. Through our app no matter what altitude you want to avail the services, we’ll be there.

Family support – Few family members can also travel along with the patient for support but the cost increases. Another benefit of hiring an air ambulance is if your elders are stranded somewhere far with no family help, you can book an air ambulance for them to travelling back to you.

Now let’s look at the steps you need to take for availing of air ambulance service in India.

The steps are very easy:

  1. Go to the google play store / apple store.
  2. Mention “Healthy Rabbit app” on the search bar.
  3. Download the application on your device.
  4. Register yourself on the app by making a profile.
  5. Search on the app for air ambulance services.
  6. Here you go, now you can book any air ambulance according to your budget and preference.

These were the six easy-peasy steps to tackle emergencies.

Critical situations can fire up anytime, be well prepared for it by downloading The Healthy Rabbit app where you can avail many other medical services as well along with air ambulance service in India.

Install the app now!