We live in an environment where we are constantly exposing ourselves to health issues. A medical emergency can barge in anytime. It, therefore, becomes essential that you are immune to any such mishappenings and stay prepared with every possible measure in proximity.

Emergency Healthcare service providers all across the globe constantly come up with revolutionary ideas to make your protection against medical conditions stronger and more accessible. 

While most people still believe that one is rendered helpless during a medical emergency, the best Emergency Healthcare service provider in India, Healthy Rabbit highlights how we have transformed emergency healthcare for everyone. 

Medical emergencies require immediate intervention and once it is provided, it becomes a comparatively easy sail. Your reaction to such a situation also makes a huge difference. What to do in case of medical emergencies is as important as the preparation for it. 

It is better to go digital and find some sort of service or platform that has all the options available. Out of the many  Emergency Healthcare service providers in India, Healthy Rabbit is the most equipped and complete platform on which you can rely upon. 

All you have to do is download the healthy rabbit app and register yourself as a healthy rabbit user. With this simple and easy step, you are now just a click away from accessing the widest network of doctors, medical service providers, equipment distributors, and emergency services. 

Often in cases of a medical emergency, a lot of time is wasted on determining the medical history of the patient, this is the most important time that is wasted on pathology. Well, that's not the case if you are a healthy rabbit user. Within the healthy rabbit app, one can store his medical records and save this crucial time.

The most breakthrough feature of this app that makes it different from all the other Emergency Healthcare service providers in India is the SOS feature. 

In an emergency, on pressing the SOS button, the app sends an alert to three of your selected emergency contacts to gather their attention.

Secondly, the alert is also sent to three ambulances in proximity. Then, an alert is sent to the nearest three hospitals with the best emergency services. These hospitals also get access to your medical records and thus at the press of a button, redemption arrives. 

Whether you need medical equipment or a home diagnosis, the Healthy Rabbit app is the quickest to help from a list of Emergency Healthcare service providers in India. 

Download the Healthy Rabbit app now and live free of fear, assured, insured, and healthy.