The Healthy Rabbit application is a 24-hour online emergency medical service provider in India that provides registered users to store and access all the relevant health details on the portal managed by an excellent healthcare management system.

Doctors can register themselves to provide services on the app whereas other people can register themselves to avail of healthcare services offered by doctors and other healthcare service providers in India.

The first step is to register yourself on the app, here’s how you can register yourself on the Healthy Rabbit app:

Step 1 – download the Healthy rabbit app from the Google play store/Apple store.

Step 2 – register with your phone number and verify the OTP.

Step 3 – update your normal profile if you are a doctor and medical profile if you are there to receive medical services.

Step 4 – in your profile update your general details, manage your entire history till the present point by uploading scanned reports and prescriptions for records.

After these steps you are ready to find a doctor, now you can book an appointment and get confirmation.

Let’s discuss benefits that doctors get by registering themselves on the app and being a part of the 24-hour online emergency medical service provider in India:

  • The main benefit includes the expansion in the reach of a doctor to his/her patients.
  • A doctor can benefit society majorly by delivering healthcare services online which is the need of an hour in terms of saving time and energy.
  • If a doctor gives a consultation online, it prevents the unnecessary spread of infection. In the current times, social distancing is a primary feature that this app provides.

Now let’s discuss advantages patient’s get by registering themselves on the Healthy Rabbit app:

  • Healthcare services at your disposal.
  • Saves time and avoids unnecessary travelling.
  • SOS alert feature lets the doctor and family know when you need urgent help if you are registered on this app.
  • Always have an access to your medical records which can be streamlined to a various healthcare service providers in India.
  • You get online exercise and yoga sessions.
  • You get 24/7 ambulance services and so on.

Take full advantage of the services offered by the 24-hour online emergency service provider in India by downloading the app and getting yourself registered. This app will be your best friend and will be there when you’ll need it the most.