An air ambulance, in simple words, is an air vehicle(ambulance) used for medical emergencies. We all are aware of the function of an ambulance but an air ambulance is a fairly new concept. Medical situations can spring up anytime and anywhere, for which instant medical support is very necessary to save a patient’s life. Especially, if you see in hilly regions where natural disasters ruin the roads, an emergency ambulance service provider saves lives.

If you are someone who might need an air ambulance service in India, just go to the google play store and download the Healthy Rabbit app, through this app you can book an air ambulance in urgent situations.

Without further delay let’s discuss five reasons why you might need an air ambulance.

Remote locations

You can be someone who lives in the hills or somewhere where transportation is wrecked like a rural area, due to any possible reason. Or you can be out there traveling in a remote area and get injured and couldn’t find a medical facility nearby, that’s when you’ll need an emergency ambulance service provider who can come and drop you at a proper hospital. It’s quick and life-saving. Life is uncertain; therefore, you must keep yourself prepared.


Your loved one can be sick and wants to be around family

Recovery rate increases when a sick person is around their family and loved ones. Many times your elders are stuck in a situation when they’re ill and away from you. In this scenario, an air ambulance service in India can pick up the patient and drop him at their desired location. The fascinating thing is that an air ambulance gives proper medical support while transporting the patient who can’t travel without it.


Air ambulance reaches accident locations faster

Air ambulance service in India or any country reaches the patient faster than any other mode. If the situation is really serious and can cost a patient’s life in a matter of time then booking an air ambulance would be your only option. Many times, accidents occur in places where by no means an ambulance can reach, for example, a snowy region where someone went for a climbing session and got injured. Heads injuries or traumatic physical injuries need instant medical attention. In such a situation, an air ambulance reaches a patient faster.


Saves disaster victims

If you get stuck in a situation of natural disaster and need urgent help, the air ambulance service in India can be your one-stop solution. By air, they can locate you more easily and provide instant help with medical staff and equipment onboard.


Hospital-to-hospital care

Sometimes patients need to manage their medical treatment from two hospitals, which can be difficult if the distance between them is huge. The air ambulance services in India provided by us help you manage that distance by efficiently saving your time and providing you full medical support. With access to commercial medical airline escorts and stretcher flight services, your treatment can be a little less hectic and more comfortable.

The reasons to book an air ambulance can be plenty. So, download the Healthy Rabbit app on your devices and book an air ambulance if you ever feel the need for an emergency ambulance service provider in India.

We’d be glad to provide you with healthcare services with love and care!