Teleconsultation:  an idea that made medical treatment easily accessible and harmless for others.

We live in a modern world which has seen a revolution of digitization in all the sectors, be it banks, shopping, education and so on.

A new way of interaction between a health consultant and a patient was drastically required when we got stuck inside our homes, the times which people of this nation or anywhere in the world have seen were catastrophic in all ways possible. The virus became a loose cannon leaving nothing but a series of failed attempts to get suitable and effective healthcare. The conventional methods for providing diagnostic or therapeutic advice were needed to be rethought.

Telemedicine consultation or “teleconsultation” has been offered by doctors in India for the last two decades but in the absence of ordained basis and support, it was not clear whether it was even legal or not. Although teleconsultation in India has been in good practice for the last decade, especially in the recent few years. The reasons of which are as under -

# have access to specialists at any time, without any waiting period

# get information on the seriousness of your illness or condition beforehand

# get a specialist for your medical illness

# reduce the risk of spreading the disease if it is contagious to other people.

Tele-consultation now is not limited to but has spread its branches with teleneuropsychology, telepharmacy, telerehabilitation, telecardiology, and many others. These services are a great step forward in improving the accessibility of healthcare to all patients, particularly those living in areas with limited local health professionals. Also, they offer a significant benefit of reduced cost in comparison to traditional appointments.

Tele-consultation in India is now actually a better way of treatment. The term e-hospital is now being used widely to manifest quality healthcare and personalized doctors who can provide an outstanding consultation to patients located in any State remotely.

Certainly, safety concerns also arise with such services provided online. Thus teleconsultation in India requires all doctors to display their registration number in all communications exchanged with the patient – for example, in emails or WhatsApp messages, on prescriptions and on fee receipts. On March 25, 2020, the Health Ministry regulated the practice of such acts and published an amendment to the Indian Medical Council Regulations (Code of Conduct) that gave statutory support and basis for the practice of telemedicine in India.

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