The terms EMR and EHR are often confused and used interchangeably but they are quite different from each other. We’ll discuss the differences later but first let’s talk about what they are for?

In simple words, both of them are digital medical records used to contain details of a patient. Healthy Rabbit app can provide you with these services from the comfort of your home. It’s a 24-hour online emergency service provider in India that not only offers you basic services like ambulance, prescription, fix an appointment with a doctor and so on but also issues EHRs.

These EHRs can be procured by downloading the Healthy Rabbit application on your phone, our app has been recognized as a provider of the best online emergency medical services in India and works as an alternative solution to EMRs and EHRs.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have a benefit over Electronic Medical Records because EHRs can be streamlined to other healthcare providers, unlike EMRs which are meant to be kept with a single practitioner.

Now, let’s take a look at what these records are:

What is Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

The digital version chart of a single’s practice on a patient is called an electronic medical record (EMR). It contains the patient’s medical history, diagnosis and treatment by a particular doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist, specialist or clinic.

EMRs provides various benefits over paper documents such as efficient data tracking over time, timely reminders of patient’s check-up and better patient treatment and care.

What is Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

EHRs are also a digital version of a patient’s medical chart but it gives a broader image of a patient’s health and medical history from various healthcare providers. Unlike EMRs, EHRs are designed to be shared and not just kept with a particular doctor.

Its advantages include smooth sharing of updated and real-time information, access to decision-making tools and a complete medical history of the patient from illnesses, allergies and radiology reports to lab tests results.

Let’s look at the major differences between EHR and EMR:

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Medical Record

A full digital record of the patient’s health status.

A digital version of a chart containing medical history from a particular practitioner.

Designed for streamlined sharing with other healthcare providers, labs etc., it’s updated and real-time.

Not designed for sharing outside an individual practice.

A patient’s medical history is allowed to move with them.

It isn’t allowed to move outside from a single practice.

Decision-making tools can also be accessed.

Only helps in diagnosis and treatment.

We can conclude that EHRs are beneficial over EMRs.

In recent years, EHRs and EMRs have become useful records for patients and they are a major part of the services we dispense with the help of our app Healthy Rabbit. Our app, a 24-hour online emergency service provider in India gives you the convenience of carrying your medical record fuss-free and give your doctor a broader snapshot of your medical history. Download our app and keep a check on your health status by booking routinely health check-ups of all kinds and obtain your Electronic Health Records as well.