Despite taking all the safety and preventive measures, a good immunity system always has better chances of fighting and defeating viruses. 

Let's discuss what Top Nutritionists in India recommend for a good diet and immunity 

Eat fresh and unprocessed foods daily 

One must include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains, and foods from animal sources (e.g. meat, fish, etc) in his diet.  Use raw vegetables and fruit, rather than foods that are high in sugar, fat, or salt for snacks.  Do not overcook vegetables and fruit. This often results in loss of important vitamins While buying canned fruit or vegetables - shop wisely, avoid varieties with added salt and sugar. However, Top nutritionists in India do not recommend going for canned food.


Water is essential as it transports nutrients and compounds in blood, controls body temperature, gets rid of waste, lubricates and cushions joints

  • One must drink 8 - 10 cups of water daily
  • Water is the best choice, different drinks can also be consumed such as lemon juice (diluted in water and unsweetened), tea and coffee. 
  • Avoid drinking too much caffeine, sweetened fruit juices, fizzy drinks and drinks with high sugar. 

More Tips for Healthy Eating 

  • Use reduced amounts of fat and oil
  • Eat unsaturated fats preferably than saturated fats
  • Choose meat that is low in fat
  • Avoid processed meats, it is high in salt and fat
  • Avoid industrially produced trans fat - fast food, fried food, etc. 
  • Consume less salt and sugar
  • When cooking and preparing food, restrict the amount of salt
  • Restrict daily salt intake to less than 5g (1 teaspoon)
  • Dodge foods high in salt and sugar
  • Limit consumption of soft drinks and sodas that are high in sugar

While no supplement or food, the Top nutritionists in India assure you of completely healthy immunity, a healthy, "whole" food plant-based diet helps:

  • to prevent chronic disease (people at higher risk for Covid-19)
  • people with chronic pain
  • people struggling with obesity
  • people with Diabetes
  • people with cardiovascular disease
  • cognitive dysfunction like anxiety and depression

If you are unsure of the amount of intake, you can now book an appointment with Top Nutritionists in India on the Healthy Rabbit App with a click. Download the app for more healthcare services.