Healthy Rabbit, the best online emergency medical services provider in India is dedicated to providing you outstanding medical services at the click of your finger. The current health crisis showed us how important and helpful virtual healthcare services are. In most cases a patient at the time of emergency gets caught up in when and how of determining the medical history. To save patient’s time it’s important to have a record of medical history in hand. Healthy Rabbit app, the 24-hour online medical service provider in India provides you with the feature of keeping the health check updated and recorded.

Let’s go through all the services that we provide and why people trust Healthy Rabbit so you can do to:

  • Our SOS emergency feature can provide immediate help to a patient in need.
  • You can book your appointment with the doctor and a video consultation is provided.
  • We provide ambulance and lab tests services
  • You can also avail the online medicine prescription from the doctor without visiting the hospital.
  • Our services include all the types of treatment ranging from Ayurveda, allopathy, physiotherapy, homoeopathy, dental and optical according to your preference.
  • We also have services to take care of your nutrition-related issues.
  • Home nurse facility.
  • Blood bank if a patient has a lack of blood.
  • We also arrange accommodation in hospitals for patients, especially in this time of the covid-19 pandemic.
  • You can also book yoga sessions to prevent diseases with the guidance of a trained instructor.
  • Health insurance services.
  • Our app allows individuals to store and access all the data of their medical prescription, medical reports and history.

The above-given features of our app make us trustworthy and an essential service for today’s world. To avail of the services of Healthy Rabbit, an online emergency service provider in India, download the user application from the Google play store/app store.

Keep check of your health and live a healthy life.

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