The Healthcare Industry is an eternal epitome of civilization. As recently experienced globally, it is undoubtedly the most impacted industry by the Corona Virus Pandemic. As much as it directly deals with our lives, it has been tackling all the challenges faced by us. Now that we have developed into a less stressful and more immune system, its crisis management has paved a way for a developed and more digital sector. 
As per the paradigm shift in the work culture and lifestyle, the norms of the healthcare industry will undergo a dramatic change in the next normal times.  
Healthy Rabbit has pioneered in the digital aspect of the growth. It provides all the services at a touch. It has created an integrated platform for the people, doctors, and other healthcare service providers.
After analyzing the medical abode and practices, it was found that the system was unable to withhold medical records due to poor maintenance. Not only it was expensive, but it was also difficult to connect to remote doctors and experts. Also, it is not reliable in times of emergencies.  
Healthy Rabbit is a platform that allows individuals to access and store their data such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports, and medical history online. Nevertheless, it connects an individual with various healthcare service providers such as Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Doctors  &  Pharma companies on a single platform at a single touch. It is also a helping aid for doctors and small clinics to manage all their tasks electronically and efficiently. 
Given the numerous benefits of digital platforms and online access increasing in these times, future healthcare considers changes from the norms. It is much easier to book an appointment with the right things to know right on your screen. Even in case of emergency, the service provided is in the best interest of the patient. Not only this saves time, but it also connects the community to the patients in a more convenient way. 
Imagine a platform for all your health needs right on your phone, that's what it has achieved. From Health-related data calculators and trackers Vaccination Tracking and Management to Insurance Management and Online Consultation through on-panel doctors, it covers all your requirements. 
This is a rapidly spreading platform that aims to create a system, where it is easier for an individual to avail quality healthcare services in the most affordable, digital, and timely manner.