Physiotherapy is an ancient, highly efficient method of rehabilitation, injury prevention, and fitness. Physiotherapy brings the patient lifestyle to the therapist's notice. This method also deals with the direct engagement of the patient in the treatment. However, Physiotherapists in India have developed new methods to efficiently treat their patients. 

As Physiotherapy focuses on the science of movement, it is initiated by addressing the ongoing physical issues. The Healthy Rabbit App also offers storage of medical data on the app. Thus, when you connect to a physiotherapist from healthy rabbit, he can save time and cost by directly accessing your medical records. After that, Physiotherapy can be availed in the case of Preventing injury and disability, managing acute and chronic conditions, improving and maintaining optimal physical performance, rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability.

Physiotherapy can help you with Incontinence, Cardiorespiratory, Neurological, or Orthopedic disorders, and conditions can be treated with physiotherapists in India. With the Healthy Rabbit Emergency service, you get in touch with the best therapists in the area at a touch.

Healthy Rabbit is a one of its kind Emergency Healthcare Service Provider in India.   

Women's Health issues including pregnancy, birth, post-partum care, breastfeeding, menopause, bedwetting, prolapsed, loss of bladder or bowel control can also be managed with Physiotherapy. Healthy Rabbit’s emergency services can be of great benefit during these problems.

Also, next time when you wish to see a physiotherapist during pregnancy, try and go for online consultation on the Healthy Rabbit App if the problem is not too severe for physical examination.

Physiotherapists in India follow very similar and efficient methods. Your regular visit to a physiotherapist will include his assessment of your medical history, diagnosis of the problem, and the creation of a treatment plan that usually comprises exercises, routine sessions of therapy, and an adaptive lifestyle as per the treatment. 

With virtual healthcare available nowadays, online physiotherapy has become quite popular. Committed to its goal of improving healthcare and providing every facility at a single touch, Healthy Rabbit connects you with the best Physiotherapists in India. Healthy Rabbit aims to make India familiar with the term 'online physiotherapy'. This means that you won't have to visit a physiotherapist every time you feel a nick in the back or experience a muscle injury. You can get online consultations from the best physiotherapists in India on the Healthy Rabbit App.