The Healthcare industry has been dealing with emergencies for a long time. To keep the healthcare domain thriving technological advancements can improvise this sector a lot. Futuristic technologies such as IoT and AI are ready to enter the medical industry for the greater good. In this mobile-dominated era, the online healthcare service provider in India is becoming a convenient and patient-centric option.

Today, citizens are on the go and they need the best online healthcare service provider that can assist them in fixing doctor appointments, checking medical records, communicating with their doctors, drawing out prescriptions, and much more.

Medical healthcare apps can bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry and transform it into a holistic care provider for the people. A well-functioning and proactive healthcare system and a healthy population are indispensable for today’s India. To achieve this goal, a digital revolution in the healthcare sector is the need of the hour.

Now, let’s look at some data that justifies that the scope of medical healthcare apps in India is on the rise.

-      In 2018, the digital healthcare market stood at US$ 116.61 billion. In 2019, it rose to US$ 175 billion and is expected to increase to US$ 485.43 billion at a CAGR of 27.41% by the year 2024.

-      In 2019, around 53% of angel investments were done into digital healthcare.

-      In this year’s budget for 2021-2022, the fund allocation for healthcare was increased by 137% over the last year and the final allocated amount was ₹ 2,23,846 crore. Some of this fund is expected to go into the digital healthcare sector.

Now, let’s look at the benefits common people have of having online healthcare service providers in India in the form of healthcare apps:

1- The rising scope of medical healthcare apps is directly proportional to improved patient care. The well-rounded customization of these medical apps enables medical professionals to prepare a specific approach towards each individual.

2- Distance issues are resolved with the commencement of healthcare apps. Now, medical services are at your fingertips and can be availed from any place.

3- With the assistance of the best online healthcare service provider in India, it has become easier to manage medical appointments. Nowadays, you can even book a video consultation with a doctor that in itself is a win-win.

4- The rise of healthcare apps also promotes accuracy as it is operated by AI. With an accurate diagnosis, the doctor would provide accurate treatment and if a patient has some allergies, the doctor can check your medical records and change medications quickly.

5- One of the sustainable goals of the healthcare sector is to work on preventive healthcare. The best online healthcare service provider in India can also provide healthcare tips every day to prevent seasonal and other diseases.

Lastly, all these facts and figures support the statement that the scope of medical apps is endless. Healthcare facilities are a basic necessity, to fulfill those needs the online medical care apps come in handy both for users and professionals delivering services.

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