The last year 2020 will be broadly remembered as the year of 'the pandemic' in terms of the extent of hardships that people have faced around the globe in their respective industries, organizations, or companies. This health and economic recession has already hit the world and the pandemic worsened the situation, leading to utter disruption and chaos.

One industry that has majorly been affected is the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals have been fighting against the dangerous virus for over a year now. Simultaneously the government and health care institutions are working on increasing the resources to make life better.

Therefore the need and awareness for virtual care have been realized and accepted by people everywhere. Considering the urge in the healthcare sector, healthcare providers like Healthy Rabbit; the best healthcare provider in India have understood this and have already started working in that direction.

Healthy Rabbit is an innovative business module that not only benefits common users but is equally beneficial to doctors and other service providers connected to the healthcare industry. The Healthy Rabbit app is designed considering the life after the pandemic where people prefer to be minimizing social gatherings and avoid clinic or hospital visits.

Healthy Rabbit App: allows users to organize documents, schedule appointments, and medications into a personal file that is stored in the app that can be easily accessed by doctors and other family members especially in case of an emergency. This saves the time and effort to carry your medical files every time you visit a doctor.

Healthy Rabbit Doctor App: is specifically designed for doctors. This app allows doctors the save their patient’s personal data and health information. In case a doctor recommends his patient to another doctor, he can get easy access to the patient’s medical history and current treatment as the information will be saved in the Healthy Rabbit doctor app.

In the year 2021, the healthcare sector will witness a drastic transformation considering the growing acceptance of virtual care so you can be assured with Healthy Rabbit app, one of the top healthcare service providers in India, about your healthcare queries by downloading the app for quick access to all your healthcare requirements available at a click.