Online consultation was on the rise even before the pandemic hit the globe but after the covid-19 pandemic, there’s been a huge demand for an online emergency service provider in India. The use of telemedicine apps that provide most healthcare services has increased 500% since last year in which particularly the bookings of online consultation were more.

Telemedicine is an umbrella term under which many medical services come from the pharmacy and online doctor’s consultation to 24/7 ambulance services. The best part about telemedicine is that the services can be availed of from our cell phones. One can download the application of the best online healthcare services provider in India and enjoy the services without any problems.

The reason behind the popularity of online emergency service providers in India is the ease of the process. Now no more one has to stand in long queues at the hospital and wait for their appointment because now anyone can do it online easily.

Especially since the pandemic, doctors too pleaded to people to stay home and use online healthcare services in India to break the chain of infection.

According to many reports, last year around 80% of people first time used the healthcare apps in which 44% were from non-metro cities. 67% drop was also recorded in in-person visits.

The utility of the best online healthcare service provider in India helped in saving both the doctor’s and patient’s time, with the recorded average of 8 minutes spent on one teleconsultation.

All being said, the rise in telemedicine is to enhance the healthcare system and not replace in-person care. Replacing in-person care is not practical. All an online emergency provider in India does, is bridge the gap between you and the healthcare system.

The best online healthcare service provider in India benefits both doctor and the patient. Doctors can now reach a wider population at the same time patient’s time and travel are saved. It also is a platform where you can get prescriptions made, your EMRs and EHRs will be stored, you can get 24/7 ambulance services, home nursing services, all kinds of specialized doctors, online yoga sessions, and much more.

You can also enjoy these services by downloading the Healthy Rabbit app, the best online healthcare service provider in India. Utilize the digitalization in healthcare to your advantage and live a more fulfilling life.