Rabbits are known for their speed, agility, and endurance and therefore we at Healthy Rabbit, the best online healthcare provider in India aims at having a holistic approach that provides accessible healthcare services delivered at your doorstep with just a click. We have brought doctors, pharmacists, labs under one roof for users who can utilize these services at their fingertips. This saves the burden of waiting in the long queues and the unnecessary stress of public interaction, wearing masks, and sanitizing your hands frequently. So get ready to bring health at home with Healthy Rabbit. Here’s a list of services we offer at Healthy Rabbit, one of the best online medical emergency services in India.

•    24*7 emergency Services
Gone are the days when you had to wait for a doctor to attend you at home in case of any emergency because we now have Healthy Rabbit, an online 24*7 emergency service provider in India. 

•    Ambulance
You can now call for an ambulance by just signing up for the Healthy Rabbit online app and book our online ambulance service in India.
•    Ayurvedic
You can now book an online ayurvedic doctor’s appointment by logging in to the Healthy Rabbit online app. We have one of the best and renowned Ayurvedic doctors on board. 

•    Clinic
Suffering from mild fever or cough? Confused which doctor to consult? At Healthy Rabbit, you can lookout for the best online doctor with several options at your disposal. 

•    Blood bank
Stuck amidst an emergency surgery? Facing a shortfall of blood? Need the matching blood group? Several questions, one answer, avail of Healthy Rabbit’s online blood bank facilities where you will be provided with instant blood arrangement for the patient. 

•    Dental Care
Facing dental issues? Suffering from a sudden toothache or pain in gums? Search for an Online Dental appointment near me from your Healthy Rabbit app and you will find several suggestions of doctors. Choose the one that suits you. With just one click your pain has a solution. 

•    Dietician
For all your nutritional problems we have experts in dietetics, just click on the Healthy Rabbit online app for the best Online Dietician Consultation Service.

•    Diagnosis
For your routine online diagnostic appointment, our lab assistants will visit your home to take the blood samples. So there is no need for you to go to the labs for any tests. Healthy Rabbit online app provides all the services at your convenience.

•    Doctor
If you wish to book an online Specialist Doctor’s appointment, log in to the Healthy Rabbit app, and book your appointment today.

•    Equipment
Healthy Rabbit app provides online Surgical Equipment in India. We have a range of surgical equipment pertaining to your healthcare requirements.

•    Health Club
Healthy Rabbit provides online health club facilities at your fingertips within a few clicks. Quick, reliable, and easy access to several online fitness training centers. 

•    Hospital
In case of any emergency, don’t hassle log in to the Healthy Rabbit app and search for the online 24*7 emergency hospital near me, you will get the best results.
•    Nurse
If you have any elderly member in your family and you require an online home nurse facility, sign up to the Healthy Rabbit app to get the best and desired results within a few clicks. Stress-free, easy and quick services.

•    Ophthalmic
For an Ophthalmic surgeon or eye care specialist, the Healthy Rabbit app provides online eye care services available at your doorstep with just a click.

•    Pathology
Healthy Rabbit app provides services like pathology testing, blood test facility on the doorstep, now you need not wait in long queues for a simple blood test

•    Physiotherapy
Suffering from any long-time pain in the joints or paralysis, your physiotherapist will reach your doorstep in a simple click. Book an online physiotherapist appointment on the Healthy Rabbit app and stay healthy and fit.

•    Yoga
Wish to add Yoga to your daily routine, Join online Yoga classes with the help of our Healthy Rabbit app or you can also book an online yoga instructor.