Today, we all do most of our day-to-day activities on our phones, many activities that used to occur in person now takes place in a matter of minutes on cell phones and other tech gadgets. So why not medical care?

Healthy Rabbit is an online healthcare service provider in India, you can download our app on your phone from the Google play store by just typing the Healthy Rabbit app on the search bar and can get started with it.

This online healthcare app is an emergency medical service provider in India that has changed the definition of traditional healthcare services as you can now avail of medical services by just downloading the Healthy Rabbit app and registering yourself in it.

Now let’s discuss about the reasons why a person would install Healthy Rabbit app and what are the benefits:

  • You can book an online appointment with the doctor on the app and can get video consultation from the comfort of your home because visiting doctors physically is time-consuming.
  • It has a very useful SOS alert feature that alerts a person’s dear ones when that person is in the need of emergency care.
  • This emergency medical service provider in India provides you with 24/7 ambulance services.
  • Online prescriptions, medical history records like EHRs (Electronic Health Records), lab tests reports, etc. are few other features that you receive from our online healthcare service provider in India.
  • Hospital accommodation can be booked as well with the Healthy Rabbit app.
  • This online healthcare service provider in India allows you to book home nurse services for personal medical care.
  • If you are registered on the app then blood bank services are at your ease.
  • For muscle pains and other body problems, you can connect with physiotherapists, dieticians, ophthalmologists, dentists, ayurvedic and homoeopathic doctors additionally.
  • Healthy Rabbit is the only online healthcare service provider in India that spreads awareness in people of the benefits of exercise and yoga and provides online yoga sessions conducted by trained professionals.

Isn’t it amazing to have all medical services on one platform?

Yes, of course!

People like us are too engaged in work and other things hence an online healthcare service provider in India solves a ton of problems and saves time. Therefore, download the Healthy Rabbit app now and take advantage of one click away healthcare services.